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Auckland, New Zealand

Carol Sharma

I have always been interested in reading, writing and all things creative. More than twenty years ago, when I married my Indian born husband, friends and family urged me to write a book about us. Finally after many years, I found the time. The result is Julie & Kishore an inter-racial romance loosely based on my life as I have added more ‘spice’ to the story.

My second book which immediately follows on from the first is called Julie & Kishore – Take Two, and is currently at the editing/polishing stage. I am also writing a third book, Nina’s Art, which involves many of the same characters but is a completely different story.

I also enjoy writing short stories and poems which keep me thinking and being creative with words.

Julie & Kishore was published by Ravenswood Publishing and can be found on many online books sites. My book can also be borrowed from Auckland Public Libraries.

I joined IWW as a way to learn more about creative writing. The workshops I have attended so far are extremely compelling. I have found it is wonderful to talk to other creative people who also have the writing bug!

Here are a few sites where you can find more about me (under my pen-name Carol Jackson) and my book Julie & Kishore: